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Item No:

 Zelda Glitz Toe Loop Sandal code: JLH794


  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colours: Black, White
  • Lining: Synthetic, Cushioned
  • Heel and Sole; Synthetic
  • Main Features: Cushioned Sole, Toe Post Design, Glitzy Sandal 
  • Decoration: Sequin and Beaded to Main Body and Toe Post


Zelda is an incredible asset to your Summer 2017 shoerobe. The cushioned sole is utterly dreamy to wear, and the design of the sandal is truly eye catching and epitomises sparkle! The toe post is decorated with a circular design and thew colour of the sandal surrounds this, where the main strap has in the majority been covered in the sequins in a portrait direction and the color is visible as a slight connection to the sole at either side and very subtly around the edges. A stunning sandal to wear and be seen in.

£25.00 – sizes 3-8 – Please call to check availability

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